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Family owned and operated since 1981, Woodsmiths Custom Millwork was first established by the Smith brothers Tim, Tom, and Sean, as well as their mother, Mary Smith. Shortly thereafter, a fourth brother, Ken, joined the business and he remains the sole owner and operator to this very day. Producing the finest of millworked specialty items, including flooring, countertops, and doors, our company has been building a sterling reputation for itself for more than three decades.

The Woodsmiths originally started their mill in the basement of their home. They later moved to the Park Trades building in downtown Kalamazoo as their business began to grown. During this time, the brothers and their company played an active role in the remonstration of several historical storefronts for the Rose Street Market, Main Street East, First of America’s Parkstone, Lawrence, and Chapin Buildings. They also became known for their reproductive millwork for St. Augustine Cathedral, First Methodist Church, the Rickman House, and the Arcadia Bank. The Woodsmiths have also maintained a strong presence in the residential historical district, thanks to their ability to create beautiful floors, countertops, doors, trims, and mouldings.

In 1997, the Woodsmiths built and moved to their new and current facility in Oshtemo Township at 1180 S 8th Street. It is here that the Woodsmiths really began to build their reputation throughout the area thanks to their quality craftsmanship. They began to supply casework and trim to area contractors and construction managers and have continued to do so for more than 30 years. If you go searching for the Woodsmiths’ work you are sure to find it in all of the area hospitals and colleges, many banks, and a number of well-known facilities, including Stryker™, Pfizer™, the Kellogg Foundation™, Portage City Hall, and many other buildings.

The Woodsmiths are grateful and privileged to have served and represented the millwork industry for the past three decades. Ken, together with his wife Pam and next generation son, Parnell, look forward to continuing their exceptional millwork services to customers across the area for many more decades to come. It is important to us to not only continue our heritage of being family owned and operated, but also in providing the superior services customers have come to expect from our residential and commercial custom contractor.

Contact us when you are looking to learn more information about our skilled residential and commercial contractors. Our specialist and his team are proud to provide exceptional woodwork to customers located throughout the Kalamazoo, Michigan, area.

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